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Investment fund B- FUNDS suitable for solid investors monthly returns and enables stable and secure private bank account directly.

B-Funds: Real Estate Investment Fund and Capital Loans

B Funds has, for many years, been helping private investors and small companies with limited funds, to invest their money and prevent its loss.

We are here to help you obtain high returns on the savings that you’ve worked so hard to accumulate.

The company invests in real estate, primarily in entrepreneurial activities but also in additional, more concrete investments.

Because of the need and desire to obtain a large profit for you from these investments, B Funds uses large sums in its investments and entrepreneurial activities.

Our huge advantage over other investment funds is that we provide results – our profits are amongst the largest in the market and we have no competition.

What we offer is different – we offer you, the investor, the opportunity to choose the projects you want to invest in and, therefore, your investment’s risk levels and risk dispersal.

The reliability that our company in today’s market offers is second to none.

Additionally, the fund’s management consists of highly experienced managers in the fields of finance and industry, both in Israel and globally; managers you can count on to safeguard your money.

  • We offer a range of investments in many different areas.
  • We obtain returns that are amongst the highest in the Israeli market.
  • We provide total transparency in our investments and always keep you in the picture.
  • Over the years the company has accumulated a great deal of investment experience.

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