In order to produce higher yields and value in comparison to what is currently accepted in the market, B-FUNDS is engaged in in managing large scale entrepreneurial activities. Over the years, the fund participated in promoting and managing large-scale real estate projects and financing transactions for companies and businesses. Only B-FUNDS foundation enables each investor the right to be a participant (partner) in a number of small investments of his choice. While ensuring the investor`s peace of mind B-FUNDS is creating higher success to his investment.

Success and risks

B-FUNDS was founded to respond to the increasing need ,of private individuals, businesses , company owners & equity holders who wish to obtain higher yields than those granted by the Israeli banking system .These goals can be achieved by investors integration in our
entrepreneurial activities in real estate and through investments and activities in finance.

A small investment
as a financier

B-FUNDS foundation allows the investor of 50,000 Nis to be a co-partner of large real estate projects to enjoy high yields , mainly reserverved for large capital holders only.

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